Body Composition Monitor


Measures weight and more!
For ideal weight management, know your body composition - body fat percentage, visceral fat level, subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle percentage.

‧ Progress chart: Track the progress of your weight reduction plan
‧ Visceral fat level and classification
‧ Body age
‧ Body fat percentage and classification
‧ Skeletal muscle percentage
‧ Segmental subcutaneous fat percentage & skeletal muscle percentage (whole body, trunk, arms, legs)
‧ Resting metabolism
‧ Body Mass Index (BMI)
‧ Same age comparison
‧ Body weight
‧ Memory up to 1, 7, 30, 60, 90 days ago
‧ 4 Users memory
‧ "Full body sensing technology" from hands to feet for a more accurate and precise body composition analysis
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