Medical Blood Pressure Monitor

Professional Blood Pressure Monitor HBP-1300HBP-1300

Designed for routine blood pressure monitor measurements.  
Enhanced usability for nurses carrying the device from bed to bed and continuous  blood pressure measurements.

• Dual measurement mode
User can choose from two measurement modes: oscillometric measurement and auscultation (AUS mode) method with the latter using stethoscope.

• 5 cuff sizes available for measurement
Cuff sizes available for use on different arm circumference: XL: 42-50cm, L: 32-42cm, M: 22-32cm, S:17-22cm, SS:12-18cm

• Ergonomic design
 Compact and light weight  design built with handle allows users to carry the device easily.
• Backlight
 LCD display with backlight make it easier to view readings in dim areas, such as hospital wards at night.
• Simple operation
 Large start button and 3 small buttons for less-frequently-used functions. The device realizes simply and enhanced usability at the same time.
• Splash-proof
 Splash-proof body allows you to use without concern for accidental water spill.
• Highly durable pump/sensor
 The device is equipped with highly durable pump and sensor for heavy duty usage in the medical environment.
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